2019 Formed to Proclaim

Wed, Jan 23 (All day) to Fri, Jan 25 (All day)
Hilton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites
120 West Market Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
United States

From our friends in the Episcopal Church:

The 2019 Forma Annual Conference will focus on two questions: How does Liturgy form us, and how are we forming people for Evangelism? It might seem strange to have a conference that focuses on two themes, but it is our belief that these two subjects have MUCH crossover. 

This is YOUR time to come, join with your colleagues in ministry and expand your knowledge and faith and love of God. This is your conference to gather with the wider Church to tackle tough issues. This is your conference...come and lead with us.

Join us as some of the most profound leaders in our church come together to talk about the modern liturgical movement, best practices, and the future of the American Prayerbook as well as formation in missional communities, forming ourselves for evangelism, and what we can learn from the modern evangelical movement within the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement!

For more information or to register, click here: https://www.forma.church/2019-formed-to-proclaim/