Mentor Program for CENetwork Members

Feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities for faith formation and Christian Education?  Need help in establishing a team of volunteers?  Creating a "safe church?" Selecting resources for age-related and cross+generational ministry?  Confirmation?  Equipping parents?  Creating small groups?  Then enroll in the CENetwork Mentor Program.  It is FREE for members!

You will be empowered to lead effective ministry in your unique setting by a trained mentor, selected to guide you in meeting your specific needs and goals.  Customized guidance and support will be offered over a six-week period from an experienced leader in Christian education.

Whether you are a volunteer or paid staff for a congregation, it is often assumed you have all the knowledge and experience needed to coordinate the multiple and vast number of responsibilities and details related to Christian Education and lifelong faith formation.  And - to keep all running smoothly 52 weeks of the year!

There is no need to become discouraged, burned out, to feel isolated, or feel like you have too few resources at your disposal.  The CENetwork exists to accompany you and support you.

Interested? The Mentor Program is for members only.  So, after you join, come back to this page for further instructions.  Please note: mentors are being trained now!  As soon as they are ready, they will be assigned as appropriate.  Questions?  Contact the office by clicking here.

The mentor program description can be found here.

Areas that mentors are trained to help with include:

  • Introducing or developing a new Christian education program/How to review and select curriculum and resources
  • Creating a Safe Church -  Understanding requirements for background checks; lock-down and emergency procedures; guidelines for social media; photo release; electronic communications; and special needs
  • Faith Formation in the home/involving adults
  • Theology basics/ Baptismal Promises
  • Training and keeping volunteers/ create a leader orientation for fall
  • Cross Generational and Milestone Ministries
  • Pre-School Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Youth Ministry/Confirmation
  • Adult Education/ Small Group Leadership