It Is Well With My Soul - Autism Spectrum Resources

  • NEW! This article from Living Lutheran provides tips to make church more accessible and is told from the point of view of a person with autism.

  • NEW! Blue Blessings was created to help faith communities embrace people with autism and those who love them – through small changes that can make a big difference. They offer a free, online guidebook which outlines steps to explore with faith leadership and people with autism and their families to determine what is best for your place of worship.

  • NEW! Friendship Ministries offers a handbook that provides a wealth of practical tips, including a chapter on behavior management and a discussion of what “Autism Spectrum Disorder” means.

  • NEW! In children’s and family ministry, we have a unique opportunity to come alongside and support families as they discover their children’s unique abilities and interests. There is also great opportunity to set up these children for success in Sunday School classes and in worship with their families.

  • NEW! The Autism Faith Network seeks to spread autism awareness, acceptance and inclusion in local and faith-based communities all over the world. They promote four goals: awareness, timely screenings and early intervention, eliminating stigmas about autism, and encouraging acceptance and inclusion.

  • NEW! More churches and places of worship are adding sensory rooms to their facilities. In addition, some churches offer sensory-friendly services, too. Do you think your church would benefit from a special needs or a sensory room?  Furthermore, do you wonder how to offer a sensory-friendly service?

  • NEW! A new study has found children with autism are almost twice as likely to never attend church or other religious services. And children with other disabilities—like developmental delays, attention deficit disorder, or anxiety—often are missing from the pews as well.