Mindful Movement - July 2024 Resources


  • This link describes the partnership of Vibrant Faith Ministries and Lilly Endowment and the two projects – Called to Lives of Meaning and Purpose and Thriving Congregations.  This research is creating innovation hubs and working to embed characteristics of thriving in churches.


  • This article “Fruits in Due Season” by Jerusalem Jackson Greer describes the summer season of growth and harvest of her farm, the green growing time in this season of the church year and includes a challenge to work on one fruit of the spirit during the summer based on Galatians 5: 22-23.


  • This collection of spiritual practices from Faith-Lead develops the summer theme of Innovation. How do we know what to pull forward into a faithful future?  The practices include:  lament, hike and seek, travel, prayers for different personality types, and many others.