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On the Life of Faith website, the vision page Our vision – Life of Faith Initiative has as one of its points: “All of us—from children to adults—will be able comfortably and confidently to speak and live the faith in our daily lives.”  This is something in which the Christian Education Network firmly believes. However, much of what is written about living a life of faith, though excellent, focuses mainly on ministry with adults.

To help fill this gap, we have curated resources that are aimed directly at supporting children and youth in living a life of faith, primarily by developing strong faith practices.  While faith formation staff and volunteers can use these methods in congregational ministry, it is also important to teach parents along with their children and teenagers how to use these practices at home. We have divided the resources into those most suited for congregational ministry and home ministry, but you’ll find that the ideas can easily be modified to be used in either setting.

In November, we will have additional resources that deal with intergenerational ministry.  We encourage you to pick one resource off our list and try it out this fall.  See what happens and then go from there!


How do you explain what you do?

It was 20 years ago, almost to the day, that a group of individuals were called together to talk about faith formation in the ELCA. That meeting was postponed as the events of 9-11 unfolded. But, we persisted, gathered and dreamed. From those conversations, there was excitement about the possibilities. There was passion and engagement. From those gatherings and partnerships, the Christian Education Network of the ELCA (then called the Lutheran Association of Christian Education) was born...

To read the rest of Juli's September letter, please go to the Learning Strategies for the Life of Faith Initiative page and look under Background Information!  To join in the Faith Formation Conversation on Facebook, go to the Christian Education Network of the ELCA's Facebook group page!

Our Mission

Supporting lifelong faith formation in the home and congregation.

Our Vision

Building a community which equips, encourages, and empowers those engaged in lifelong faith formation in a changing world.

The CENetwork will:

  • Identify and evaluate resources and educational opportunities
  • Facilitate communication and conversation
  • Offer guidance, networking and mutual support
  • Nurture spiritual growth online and face to face

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