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NEW! In her December 2022 letter our President, Diane McGeoch writes: 

I write this letter on the First Sunday of Advent. A new church year has begun. We begin a new journey into Advent, and we may be filled with anticipation for the season ahead. Or we may be filled with other emotions as we consider our hectic schedules and how we are going to get it all done. Our journeys this season may take us to reunions and time with loved ones, or we may be celebrating in our own homes with people coming to visit us. We are all on the road in some sense, whether we are traveling or not. 

Our time on the road these last few years have included changes and challenges along the way. There have been roadblocks, construction, dead ends, detours, one-way streets we did not expect, roads closed where we wanted to go. Our faith formation ministries have changed dramatically as we have been traveling on this road. We’ve adapted and adapted again as we’ve designed ministries that meet needs. We’ve been faithful people, being the church in new ways.

Faithfulness does have a cost. We may be exhausted physically, emotionally, spiritually. We may be suffering from burnout and not even recognize it. Even our positive emotions of hope and anticipation influence us. We may feel every emotion as we serve in our settings and face the challenges when we\re on the road.  We are serving during big changes for the church. We are witnesses to a time unlike any other...

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