Learning Strategies for Intergenerational Ministry through the Seasons

We are excited for a new year of "The Christian Education Network of the ELCA Presents..."!  This year's topic is Learning Strategies for Intergenerational Ministry through the Seasons.  Bookmark this page and check back each month for new articles and ideas!

  • Lent in a Bag provides ideas for symbols, instructions, and reflections on the season of Lent. The items in the bag can open up the senses and be a tool for faith conversations in the home.  (from our friends at Build Faith)
  • Intergenerational Lenten Dinner Service - Mid- week worship and programs, including soup suppers or dinners are practices that can be designed for intergenerational conversations and interactions. (A CENetwork Resource)

  • Ash Wednesday message from Diane McGeoch, CENetwork of the ELCA board member

  • Lent is a more somber season, and there can be different ways to mark the weeks.  Lenten Madness is a site that explores the lives of saints through a tournament that culminates in The Golden Halo Award.  This is an opportunity to learn about 32 saints and vote for favorite saints. 

    Introduction and Invitation to The Big Idea  Article by Diane McGeoch, CENetwork of the ELCA board member   

  • Intergenerational Ministry is a broad topic and it is helpful to define what it means for your ministry setting.  This article from Building Faith outlines some approaches for evaluating current programming through a lens of intergenerational ministry

  • Lent is a season for reflection and contemplation.  Lent can also be fun, and the Shrove Tuesday Party Packs provide everything you need for a party on Shrove Tuesday February 25th or a time before Lent.  The party can be done in a church or home setting.

  • Wendy Claire Barrie has written an Ash Wednesday Liturgy suitable for people of all ages.