Leadership Resources

For 2021, the topic is for "Christian Education Network of the ELCA Presents..." series is "Learning Strategies for the Life of Faith Initiative."  We look forward to curating usable resources to support you in your ministry and the Life of Faith!  If you have additional leadership resources to contribute, please contact the CENetwork office! 

  • Link to Creating a Culture of Calling, a research project by Vibrant Faith in partnership with the Lilly Endowment.  As the research draws to a close this year, the organization is disseminating their findings through articles and classes. Research Programs | Vibrant Faith Uncover Church Best-Practices

  • Connecting Sunday to Monday is a video resource for lifelong learning available through Select Learning.  It includes presentations and discussions that took place during a small group retreat about the connection between faith and the world of work.  In addition, there are interviews with participants both before and after the retreat.  Discussion questions are available on an included CD.  Please note: while the resource is dated (2004) and lacks ethnic diversity, the material is still very relevant and can be used as a starting point for discussions. Connecting Sunday to Monday | Select Learning

  • Taking Faith to Work: Next Steps for Christian Discipleship by Paul M. Minus. This small paperback is a part of the Centered Life Series.  It discusses four main areas of ministry at work: competence, caring, ethics, and change.  While it again is a 2004 publication, it still has great material.  Available through Select Learning. Taking Faith to Work: Next Steps for Christian Discipleship (book) | Select Learning

  • The Centered Life by Jack Fortin is a small book that delves into what it means to have a centered life faithful to God in everything that we do. Each chapter ends with questions for reflection and discussion.  Available through Select Learning. The Centered Life (book) | Select Learning

  • Fruitful Living and Serving Devotions 2021:  This series of 12 devotions, written by Past CENetwork President and retired Deacon Diane Shallue, helps councils, ministry teams, and small groups reflect on what it means to be a gathered and scattered church loved by God and called to love our neighbors. Note: when printing the booklet, select landscape orientation, two-sided, flip on short side. 
  • Tempered Resilience: How Leaders are Formed in the Crucible of Change by Tod Bolsinger. The book explores the traits needed to be a resilient leader in the face of resistance. The issue is not learning the skills needed to lead change, but rather how to survive it and use the process to grow. Bolsinger uses the image of a blacksmith’s forge along with relevant stories and reflection opportunities. CENetwork Board member, Carole Joyce, writes, “I found this book to be extremely helpful to my leadership as we come out of the pandemic. We will not go back to exactly how it was. The book gave me foundation for leading the change, listening to important voices, nurturing relationships, and surviving the inevitable resistance. I highly recommend it to help you and your organization discover and move toward the evolving future.”
  • Where in the World Are You? Connecting Faith and Daily Life by Norma Cook Everist and Nelvin Vos This book, while older, provides readings and reflection questions to help individuals grow spiritually by connecting their faith and daily life.  A useful book for leaders seeking ways to help their congregational members make those connections.  Includes chapters on dealing with stress, doubt, commitment and power along with other topics.
  • Everyday Spirituality by James Hazelwood. This book, written by the bishop of the New England Synod of the ELCA, helps the reader experience all that they do as connected to God and the sacred.