Boundless Invitation Resources

  • Link to A New Family: Opening the Doors of the Church with Rachel Held Evans is a short film series which can stimulate conversation about who we welcome into the church.  Available with a subscription to the website “The Work of the People.”

The Work Of The People - A New Family Film Series - The Work Of The People

  • Link to In This Together: 5 Films on Loving Our Way Forward points to areas of fracture with ideas of how we can come together regardless of race, nationality, faith, sexual orientation, as one humanity for the healing of the world. Features Brian McLaren, Miroslav Volf, Bishop Mano Rumalshah, Lisa Sharon Harper, and Faither Gregory Boyle. Available with a study guide through “The Work of the People.”

The Work Of The People - In This Together - The Work Of The People

  • Link to “Freed to Ask Difficult Questions” by Anna Madsen in Living Lutheran (April 2022) raises the importance of inviting Christians to ask the hard questions and equipping them to question and learn new things.  Includes a study guide

Study guide: Freed to ask difficult questions - Living Lutheran

  • Link to Sharing Our Faith Stories – Evangelism Curriculum Resources for Congregations is created by Pastor Jennifer Garcia, Associate Pastor of First Lutheran in Fullerton and a member of the Pacifica Synod Evangelism Team.  This Bible study curriculum is designed for congregations to use in their setting and learn about sharing our faith stories in a more relational way.  The curriculum can be downloaded from the website and, in addition, YouTube training videos are available.

  • Link to Relationships & Diversity is an intergenerational session from Vibrant Faith for all congregational members that explores how to be in relationship with others, particularly those who are different from ourselves. The session is designed to be conducted in about 90 minutes and can be adapted for a shorter or longer timeframe. Parts of it may also be used with specific age groups or family units.

Relationships and Diversity (

  • Link to God’s World in Community: Spring/Summer is a seven-session, flexible, simple resource for intergenerational gatherings from GenOn Ministries, which features short, easy-to-do sessions. Each session includes reading an Acts passage, doing an activity based on the passage, and  praying together. Themes include Sharing, Strengthening, Healing, Guiding, Receiving, Choosing and Pouring. Written for all ages, for use in small or large groups in person, online or at home.

God's World in Community: Spring/Summer (

  • Link to When Charley Met Emma by Amy Webb is a children’s book that helps kids think about disability, kindness, and how to behave when they meet someone who is different from them.

When Charley Met Emma (Charley and Emma Stories, 1): Webb, Amy, Liddiard, Merrilee: 9781506448725: Books

  • Link to Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too by Jennifer Grant is a picture book that tells the story of a young girl who wonders how to be a good neighbor to the dozens of people in her apartment building, the people on the street, and the other kids at the park. With the help of her mama, she learns how to love her neighbors near and far. : maybe i can love my neighbor too

  • Link To Breathe: A Child’s Guide to Ascension, Pentecost, and the Growing Time by Laura Alary guides young readers in exploring the liturgical seasons.  In this third book of her seasonal trilogy, Alary invites children to wonder about and watch for the presence and work of the Spirit here and now, in faith practices of prayer and mindfulness, and through acts of justice, generosity, and kindness to others.

Breathe: A Child's Guide to Ascension, Pentecost, and the Growing Time: Alary, Laura, Peterslund, Cathrin: 9781640605602: Books

  • Link to “Holy Questions: Theological Conversations with Children” by Claire Brown and Anita Peebles at provides guidance in encouraging the children around us to encounter God and ask hard and holy questions.

  • Link to “Pentecost during Pandemic:  A Reflection on Invitations and Challenges” by Kathy Coffey-Guenther points to the invitation of Christ to follow him to serve God’s people.

Pentecost during Pandemic:  A Reflection on Invitations and Challenges - Kathy Coffey-Guenther, Ph.D - Ignatian Volunteer Corps (

  • Link to “Respectful Practices for Approaching Multicultural Resources” by Ellis Reyes Montes at provides thoughtful guidance on incorporating resources from other cultures into our worship communities.  Building relationships and determining what is important to others is key.

Respectful Practices - Building Faith (