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Ever look for resources with a Lutheran lens?  Paul Amlin and Janelle Hooper, both from the ELCA churchwide offices, have curated a great site filled with links!  Check it out!

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Many of us long to make Holy Week more meaningful in our households. We desire more than waiting for fancy new clothes, gorging on candy, and stressing about creating the perfect Pinterest-worthy tablescape. But where do we start? And how do we make time in a busy week?

Building Faith offers a family activity written by Jerusalem Greer -- Maundy Thursday: Stripping the Table.




Technology for Ministry

Most people remember Daedalus as the maker of the wings his son, Icarus used to fly too close to the sun. But Daedalus also created the labyrinth that trapped the Minotaur. He's a fitting namesake for Astrolog's Daedalus, a free maze creator, that can devise labyrinth mazes in just about any geometric shape.  Design a prayer labyrinth or create activity sheets.  


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