Turn Summer Outdoor Activities into Prayers!

From our friends at Buildfaith.org: Pray Outdoors with Chalk & more
"Many outdoor activities can be turned into prayers. Sidewalk chalk prayers at the church entry are a wonderful, visible reminder of children’s prayers and presence. Plastic landscape fencing can be used as a prayer loom and woven with sticks, ribbons or scraps of fabric. One of our favorite outdoor prayers is to blow bubbles after each person shares their prayers." 

Doing a prayer walk can also be fulfilling!  As you and your VBS class, summer Bible study group, or just you! - walk around your neighborhood, pray for the needs of the occupants of each house.  As you look at the houses, you might see specific things to pray for such as a yard littered with toys probably means a busy family lives there, a home with a wheelchair ramp might have other needs to pray for... help your prayer partners to notice the surroundings and what might need prayers!

About the Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is one of the best benefits of being a member of the Christian Education Network of the ELCA!  There are trained people ready to walk alongside members as they work on specific areas of their ministry!  Click on the Mentor tab to the left to find our more!  Here is a testimony about the Mentor Program:

I’ve been so pleased with the Mentoring Program through the Christian Education Network of the ELCA. My Mentor and I have made a great connection and she’s been incredibly flexible with my busy schedule, as well as patient during the craziness of my youth and children ministry schedules. My mentor has done a great job of asking the important questions, and pushing me to think realistically to obtain the goals we have set. I’m very grateful for this help in my new call-I’m new to Children’s Ministry, after years within Youth Ministry. The Mentor Program has been of great help, and I look forward to continue looking for guidance and advice through them! - Ashley

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