Our Mission: Connecting and serving those dedicated to Christian faith formation.

"...that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love..."
Colossians 2:2

Update on Matching Funds Campaign

The Christian Education Network of the ELCA has a great opportunity to receive matching funds for all donations!

Update on the Matching Funds Campaign: The current total is $5287. Our goal is $7500.

This is the last year that we will have this opportunity to earn these matching funds. We hope to raise the full amount so that we can receive the full match!

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Thanks to these Synods for grants of $350 each: Montana, Northeastern Ohio, Northwestern Ohio, Lower Susquehanna, Southwestern MN, Minneapolis Area, Northeast Pennsylvania and Metro NY. Thanks to these congregations: Zion Lutheran in Sandusky, Ohio and Emanuel Lutheran in Hartford, CT.

Thanks to these people for Thrivent Choice Dollars: Gary and Natalie Bloomquist, Bob and Diane Shallue, Ken Havlik, Carolyn Steinfeldt, Cynthia Wiste, Ed and Karen Seykowski and Ann Greenawalt.

Thanks to these people for personal donations: Sandra Myers, Ndangi Shipanga (Namibia, Africa), Karen Kaufman, Charlotte Erlandson, Ann Greenawalt, Debbie Streicher, Paula Spengler, Marie Lucca, Kathy Paisley, and Teresa Kaldor.

In addition to an outright donation, Thrivent Choice dollars are a great way to donate! Please remember to allocate your Thrivent Choice Dollars to LACE before September 1 in order to get the matching funds. We only receive the Thrivent Choice Dollars once a month. Thrivent Choice Dollars can still be donated after September 8 but LACE (CENetwork) will not get the matching dollars for them.

Although the name change is in process, it is still not completed so the organization is still legally known as the Lutheran Association of Christian Educators and our financial accounts still bear that name.

Thanks for stopping by! We are in transition....stay tuned!

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Christian Education Network of the ELCA

The Lutheran Association of Christian Educators recently renamed our organization to identify more clearly who we feel called to support and connect with in ministry. We are, no doubt, a group of individuals, both volunteer and staff, passionately involved in Christian education. As a volunteer organization, our desire to reach out and help others in the local setting of a congregation can be accomplished through establishing a solid network. And we are without a doubt well grounded in using theologically sound faith formation tools from a Lutheran perspective.

Stay tuned for our new website look and content! 

As we transition in name and begin to grow our network, feedback is important. We are currently redesigning our website and will introduce a new look and feel soon.

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The Lutheran Association of Christian Educators is an affiliate of the ELCA.

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