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Welcome to the Christian Education Network of the ELCA website!  If you are new to the CENetwork, please look around.  You'll find there are some things available to the public.  You'll find there are many more things available to members.  Let us know how we can help you with your ministry!

Equipping Families to Worship with Children

As Christian Educators, we are often asked to help families and children outside of the Sunday School classroom (as it should be!).  Michelle Basner-Ketepa, Minister of Faith Formation at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Bloomfield Hills, MI and member of the CENetwork of the ELCA, decided to equip her families with a Young Worship Tool Box.  "The items are simple and fit easily into a 10 inch canvas box (available in most home storage sections of department stores or home improvement stores).   Some families have moved to the front to worship for the first time, giving their children a better view. Others pick up a box and take it with them. However they use it, we hope it will help our children learn the importance of worship and encourage the congregation to see that children have a place in our worship services together."  To read more about Michelle's experience, click here.  To see the list of items included in the Worship Tool Box, click here.

The Christian Education Network Mentor Program Is Here to Help!

Are you planning a teacher training for the fall?  Do you need to write a safe church policy for your congregation?  Check out the mentor program available for FREE to CENetwork members.  You will be assigned a trained experienced mentor to help you over a six week period to set goals and achieve your desired outcome.  Summer is a perfect time to get the help you need.  You will work with your mentor online or by phone, at your convenience. If you would like more information about getting assistance from a mentor, or you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact our Mentor Program Coordiantor, Judy Washburn, by clicking here.

A Mentor Program Testimony

I’ve been so pleased with the Mentoring Program through the Christian Education Network of the ELCA. My Mentor and I have made a great connection and she’s been incredibly flexible with my busy schedule, as well as patient during the craziness of my youth and children ministry schedules. My mentor has done a great job of asking the important questions, and pushing me to think realistically to obtain the goals we have set. I’m very grateful for this help in my new call-I’m new to Children’s Ministry, after years within Youth Ministry. The Ministry Program has been of great help, and I look forward to continue looking for guidance and advice through them! - Ashley

Our Mission

Supporting lifelong faith formation in the home and congregation.

Thanks to you we continue to discover new and effective ways to help, support, and network with clergy, staff, and volunteers in congregations across the nation.   If you'd like to make a financial donation, please click on one of the buttons to the left. Another option is to designate Thrivent Choice funds for the Christian Education Network of the ELCA.

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