Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to the Christian Education Network of the ELCA website!  If you are new to the CENetwork, please look around.  You'll find there are some things available to the general public.  You'll find there are many more things available to members.  All current members will need to sign in with their username, update their password and check their account information.  Members that were current as of August 26, the account information should have transferred. New members who joined since then, the account information was manually entered.  If members have forgotten usernames, or if the coordinator manually entered the information - the username is likely the first initial period last name (J.Doe).  Alternatively, you may log in with your registered email address. If you still have trouble, contact the coordinator via email or through the website contact form.

A Word from Debbie Streicher, president of the CENetwork

I view the Christian Education Network as an effective way to build connections, support, and grow a network partnering with other organizations in the ELCA that offer lifelong faith formation resources needed for all different age levels primarily in the local setting of our congregations.  More often than not, faith formation programming is done by volunteers especially in smaller congregations where budgets are shrinking.  Where does help come from?  Who can leadership point to for support?  The Christian Education Network of the ELCA! 

Our Facebook page is a good place to begin with questions.  Membership and our website are good places to continue.  Our Network Advocates are ready and able to address questions, concerns and other issues via emails through our website.  We are here to serve you.

Reasons to Join the CENetwork of the ELCA

Check out these benefits of joining the Christian Education Network of the ELCA!!!!

  • a monthly e-newsletter with the latest resources in Christian Education and news and events
  • full access to the CENetwork blog and website.
  • Free downloadable resources that are reviewed, tested, and theologically sound
  • A free mentoring program for experienced Christian educators, those new to the field, "first call" pastors or rostered staff, overwhelmed staff, or anyone interested in wanting support.
  • As well as other benefits... Click on the button below to read more!

The Christian Education Network of the ELCA had a great opportunity to receive matching funds for all donations received by October 3, 2014. Update on the Matching Funds Campaign: We  received $7311 in grants, Thrivent Choice and individual donations.  That will be matched for a total of $14622!  Thank you to Diane Shallue and her team for all of their work in this campaign.

With these funds, the Christian Education Network of the ELCA will be able to further develop social media venues and a new and exciting mentor program to match congregations with the resources needed to guide them on their faith formation journey.

We are a non-profit organization.

Thanks to you we continue to discover new and effective ways to help, support, and network with clergy, staff, and volunteers in congregations across the nation.

You can also donate money to our organization when you shop on Amazon! For the time being, those donations will fall under our old name: The Lutheran Association of Christian Educators.