Reasons to Join the CENetwork of the ELCA

Join the Christian Education Network of the ELCA if you are a:

  • Professionally employed individuals or those actively seeking employment in the educational ministry of the church;

  • Volunteers who are involved or interested in Christian Education;

  • Congregations that are eager to support their educational ministry leaders;

  • Christian educators who are members of another denomination that desire networking and support;

  • Retired Christian educators, but would  like to share your experiences with others;

  • Students who are interested in faith formation.


Members receive…

  • A monthly e-newsletter that keeps you informed and inspired 
  • A Facebook page where daily conversations answer questions, address concerns, and give information about events, resources, and job openings related to Christian education.       
  • Additional content areas on the website including fantastic resources!
  • Great Mentorship Opportunities - either to be a mentor or to be mentored.
  • Opportunities for networking and help to encourage leaders in faith formation ministry.          
  • Elected representation. We strive to elect people who are from different parts of the United States.                                                (CLICK HERE TO GO TO LISTING OF REPRESENTATIVES)

Members are…

  • Part of a national movement that uplifts and supports the vocation and ministry of Christian  faith formation and a network of people who share, inspire, support, and learn from one another.
  • A passionate and energetic voice for lifelong faith formation  
  • Part of a partnership with groups like Augsburg Fortress Publishers, ELEA (Evangelical Lutheran Education Association), YMNET (Youth Ministry Network), Lifelong Learning Network, and a list of others engaged in Christian faith formation. 


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