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"When the pandemic started and so many things changed, I was hopeful that by the time fall rolled around I would be able to implement faith formation programming the way we had in the past. I even sat down in April and created a scope and sequence for our Sunday morning and Wednesday night programming. I pulled the curricula off the shelves and lined it up in order like I would every year. I wrote a teacher training lesson and set dates for other programs that typically take place in the fall and continued to plan and dream.

However, today is July 31 and the pandemic is not over. Our church is continuing to offer online worship and no in-person programming. I am not going to be able to use any of that planning for now. Today, I need to decide how to do lessons online and how to engage our families and to continue to create community in new ways through social media or socially distanced activities. Intermixed with the planning, I am experiencing some grief. I am sad I won’t see the children on Rally Sunday or hear their laughter. I also am sad that I won’t be able to interact with the many volunteers who are so much more than volunteers; they are my friends.  I am sad about what we can’t do."  To read the rest of this article, Practical Family Ministry During a Pandemic, and to see other articles and resources, go to the Learning Strategies Through the Seasons page!