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Membership Categories and Annual Dues

Individual Memberships:

  • Individual: $50
  • Retired/Student: $25
  • Supporting (formerly Legacy): $150

Group Memberships:

  • Small Congregation Group (2 memberships: i.e. a pastor and a volunteer): $60 (*a "Small Congregation" worships less than 150/week)
  • Group (4 memberships): $180
  • Add members to your Group for $40 each - customize the number of members to fit your needs

*If a membership is interrupted by leave or job transition, one-year memberships can be extended for up to 3 additional months at no charge just by contacting the Coordinator (click here).

To join as an individual:

  1. Create an account on this website.  Users should use their first initial, a period, and their last name.  ("J.Doe").  Please DO NOT use your email address as your username as this could expose your email address to spammers.  If it is a new account, the website will send an email to the email address provided, which the user will need to confirm before they can continue.  Once an account has been established, go to the Purchase/Renew Membership page to continue the process.  So, start by logging in!  Log in 
  2. Purchase (pay for) the membership.  Memberships may be paid for online, using PayPal (PayPal membership is not required; a major credit card may be used), or by check/money order.  This site uses a shopping cart model.  Go to the Purchase Individual Membership page; add the desired membership type to the "cart" and proceed through checkout.  Individual Memberships are $50/year; student/retired/*special* first call/multicultural memberships are $25/year; Supporting Memberships are $150/year.   Additional, tax-deductible, donations may be added to the total amount paid.
  3. If payment is made via PayPal, the user will automatically be assigned the role of Active Member with an expiration date one year from the current date. If payment is made via check, the user will be assigned the role of Active Member, with an expiration date a year after joining, after the payment has been received and processed at the CENetwork office.

To join as a group:

Group Memberships allow registration of 4 or more members of the same organization at reduced prices.  Aside from the reduced price there is no difference between an individual membership and a membership purchased as part of a group.

  1. The organization should designate someone to act as the group administrator.  This person will actually purchase the group membership. The group administrator should create an account on this site following step 1, above, for individual memberships.  The group administrator should not purchase any individual memberships at this time. 
  2. While logged in using their own user account and without purchasing an individual membership, the group administrator should purchase one group membership selecting the number of accounts using the option field.  It is most helpful if the group administrator places a note in the order comments indicating the name of the group and the names and emails of it's members. 
  3. Group memberships may be paid for online, using PayPal (PayPal membership is not required; you may use a major credit card), or by check/money order.  This site uses a shopping cart model.  Go to the Purchase Group Membership page; add your desired membership type to your "cart" and proceed through checkout. 
  4. The group administrator will receive, via email, a message indicating successful processing of the order.
  5. The system will automatically apply discounts according to the above schedule.
  6. Each member of the group, including the group administrator, should then follow the procedure listed above to register and purchase their membership.  When presented with the payment page during checkout they should elect to pay by Check or money order (even though they've already been paid for) and indicate the group to which they belong in the comment section.

Join or Renew by Mail

Members and groups desiring to join or renew may do so by downloading and filling out the Individual Membership Form or the Group Membership Form and sending it, along with payment, to:

Christian Education Network of the ELCA
P.O. Box 250009
Holly Hill, FL 32125

Please make checks payable to: CENetwork or Christian Education Network of the ELCA