It's the Little Things....

From Rev. Juli Lejman-Guy's November letter....

"A few days ago, I made my first home visit since March. We were blessed with a beautiful fall day. The temperature was nearly 80. The breezes were blowing. The trees were a gorgeous spectrum of yellows and golds. The reason for my visit: my member, in her 90’s, has been diagnosed with dementia. Her two fears are the she will end up dependent on others and that she will never get to worship in the sanctuary again.

We talked for nearly an hour about her life story and how faith has played such a key role. She was a young girl, one of six children, when her mother was diagnosed with dementia. While her father worked the fields, she cared for her five siblings and her mother. Years later, she was her husband’s caregiver… and then her sister’s.

As our time drew to a close, I pulled out my plastic box complete with hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, and pre-sealed Communion cups. There, six feet apart, we prayed, read Scripture, and shared in our Lord’s Supper.

As I was getting ready to leave, she offered, “You know, Pastor, you probably have never had Communion in someone’s driveway before. But it has been the best day ever, one that I will never forget.”..."

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