How do you explain what you do?

NEW! In her August letter our President, Diane McGeoch writes: 

I had the chance in the past year to visit a few places where I’ve lived before 16 years in California and almost 6 years in Idaho, where I live now. Last summer I was in Connecticut where I lived for 7 years and first sensed a call to faith formation ministry. A few months ago, I was in Maryland where I lived for 15 years and began my seminary studies. I visited the campus of United Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg, PA and remembered clearly how I felt when I was starting my seminary journey.

All these places shaped my call and the various ministries where I’ve lived out that call. It is useful to visit the past from time to time, as it brings learnings to light as you remember being in that setting. Many of the learnings from a particular setting get lived out in new ways in new settings with new relationships. I’ve moved a lot in my life, both during my childhood years and as an adult. These moves taught me to be adaptable, how to make and keep friends, and how to unpack boxes and organize stuff...

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