Congregational Ministry

  • NEW! Link to “More than Just a Busy Bag: Helping Toddlers & Preschoolers Worship”
    by Rachel Doboney Benton is an article from BuildingFaith that discusses the purpose
    of worship bags and gives ideas of items to include to help our youngest worship with
    others in the congregation.


  • NEW! Building Faith Brick by Brick: An Imaginative Way to Explore the Bible with
    Children by Emily Slichter Given engages children with multiple learning styles and a
    popular toy – Lego © bricks!


  • NEW! Link to Spiritual Practices for Children and Youth by Debbie Kolacki and PRC
    (Practical Resources for Churches) is a review of child development, faith practices and
    ways to implement those practices at church and home. It also includes links to
    additional resources from a variety of theological traditions.
  • NEW! Link to Spiritual 10's, a resource by Lyle Griner and Peer Ministry Leadership
    that helps peer leaders develop skills and gives them tools to develop their own
    spirituality and that of the youth they mentor. Training also available.
  • NEW! Link to Candle Time Prayer Kit by Peer Ministry Leadership that provides 56
    creative prayer experiences that can be used with youth, young adults, and families.