CENetwork presents “How to Create a Safety Plan for Your Church”

The Christian Education Network of the ELCA is dedicated to life long faith formation in the home and congregation. Our goal is to help churches create a customized plan to meet a congregation’s safety needs in a building, with people, who are worshiping, learning, and serving.

Our whole church approach is for anyone seeking to intentionally create a peaceful environment for people of all ages.  Attend a four-hour workshop in your region.  Walk away with a customized guide and training method useful in addressing all your unique building, people, and activity concerns.  Take a look at the ‘Table of Contents’ for the generic safety template.  This document will give you the full scope and sequence of a customized safety guide.

Your $25 registration fee covers:

A Generic Safety Template and Training Manual

Refreshments provided: Please bring a sack lunch and a laptop or tablet w/usb port.  iPads do not have usb ports.  Participants download the generic template from a secure thumb drive (yours to keep) and begin to customize it during the workshop.  The training manual is provided in a binder, and also as an electronic file on the thumb drive.

Workshops are from 10-2 p.m. on Saturdays and seating is limited!

During the workshop we will fully consider four of the most frequently asked for topics (plus take a look at all the other information you get in the Table of Contents):

  • Transportation Issues for all ages, including seniors
  • Training and Drills
  • Active Shooter Lock-down
  • Screening Volunteers Who Work with Children

Rest Assured! This approach does not replace all the hard work currently being done in your church.  It incorporates your existing programs and best practices in a way the entire congregation can support.  Increased awareness and support will lead to greater cooperation, reduced anxiety, and increased confidence.  We hope to see you at workshop soon!  Click on the link below to register for a specific date/location!

Region 2 - 9/15/18 - Pacifica Synod Office in Santa Ana, California

Region 6 - 9/22/18 - Zoar Lutheran Church in Perrysburg, Ohio


These fantastic events have already happened and had wonderful responses!

Region 4 - 4/14/18 - St. Paul Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska

Region 8 - 4/21/18 - St. Paul Lutheran Church in Cumberland, Maryland

Region 9 - 4/28/18 - Christ Community Lutheran in North Charleston, South Carolina


Regions 3,5 and 7 needed to be cancelled.  Watch for your opportunity in the form of a  webinar in the coming months!