Background Readings

Background Readings

NEW! Link to article “Blessed are the Peacemakers” by Megan Brandsrud in Living Lutheran.

NEW! They Are Us: Lutherans and Immigration by Stephen Bouman and Ralston Deffenbaugh provides the reader with stories and insights into the immigration debate.

NEW! Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help by Robert D. Lupton is a guide to help well-meaning churches evaluate what they do.  It argues that most charitable work is either ineffective or actually hurts those it is designed to help. 

NEW! Link to “The Roots of Baptism (And Confirmation)” by Sharon Ely Pearson

NEW! Link to Café podcast . . . “Gender Equality” at  a web resource for young adult women from the Women of the ELCA

Link to article To Strive for Justice and Peace in all the Earth by Rev. Juli Lejmon-Guy (CENetwork president)

Link to article “ELCA, Church of Sweden, Episcopal Church Issue Climate Commitment” in Living Lutheran.

Link to article “Teach Your Kids Generosity” by Carolyn Bedford.

Link to the ELCA Social Statements that explain the ELCA’s stance on a variety of important social justice issues.  On each page, you will find downloads for the full social statements plus supplemental resources including study guides, summaries, and overviews.

Link to “Let There be Acolytes! 10 Hidden Benefits for Young People” by Lisa Brown at Building Faith

Link to Vibrant Faith @ Home . . . Evaluating Your Service – Reflecting on Your Service

Link to “Serving the Neighbor in Need” by Bishop Elizabeth Eaton in Living Lutheran

Link to “Love And Serve: A Youth Group Learns Compassion In Visiting Aging Adults” by Roberta Ingersoll at Build Faith

Link to “Curling Up with a Good Baptism Book” by Anna V. Ostenso Moore at Building Faith

Link to “Perspective: Our Promise to Baptized Children” by Dawn Rundman in Living Lutheran

Link to article "To Proclaim the Good News of God in Christ Through Word and Deed" by Rev. Juli Lejman-Guy, CENetwork of the ELCA president (CENetwork resource)

Link to article “The Gift of Godparents” by Pastor Scott Seeke in Living Lutheran

Link to article “Why Infant Baptism?” by Pastor Karen Bates Olson in Living Lutheran

Link to article “Faith Practices Have Changed!” in Living Lutheran

Link to Life of Faith Initiative Resource: How Worship Practices Form Us for Ministry in Daily Life! By Craig L. Nessan

Invitation from Rev. Juli Lejman-Guy, President CENetwork    

The Christian Way of Life: It Begins with Immersion by Deborah A. Streicher

Life of Faith Initiative and ELCA Faith Practices Ministry: Partnering to Live Out Faith in Daily Life in New Ways by Brenda K. Smith

Baptism: A User’s Guide by Martin E. Marty